Welcome (everybody)! 

How are You?  Naturally in a mood of sweet excitement, with lots of questions in Your mind, eager to find out about me, as I am eager to find out about You.  Then when we start to converse I shall discover Your style and preferences. And after that we shall go together on a journey, which shall be a pleasure to both You and me. 

Life is astonishing and there is no real coincidence.  We only need some time to discover this. 

You are curious about me too, I know that.  You think, that I have a wonderful job,  -which is completely true.  So I shall tell You a few things about me and AYS.

I, Aysun, am the lively and enthusiastic daughter of a family of military origin and now I am also the mother of a handsome son…

A little bit of volleyball, a little bit of diving and little bit of tango are subjects of my private interests.  As a young girl I was dreaming of studying political science in order to serve and work for my country.  But then I found myself in London studying “tourism” as my subject;    

and working at the same time in service organizations.  That made me see, that I also could contribute to my country by working in this way.   Back in Turkey I studied “magement and organization”.  Then I worked in establishments of the aviation/aircraft sector:  first in

VIP AIR, TÜRK HAVA TAŞIMACILIĞI;  and after that in TÜRK HAVA YOLLARI -that is Türkish Airlines  ( but not as a hostess ☺))).  So I gained access to many foreign countries and institutions.  Through the organizational identity, which I had so acqiredred, I became more creative, more curious; I could propose and offer more. At the same time I could see that voluntary actions could make people so happy; that many times only a sincere approach was needed. 

Then I felt that the time for a different kind of work had come; I had to create my own business.  And so I did. 

We are all special in our way.   We all like to be sweetly spoiled a bit,  to be pleasantly surprised  and astonished a bit.  We want to celebrate our birthday, our wedding, our graduation party or our initiation ceremony in the best possible and most appealing way.  Therefore searching for the right address and the most reliable service should be a wonderful and exciting feeling. 

That is the way AYS was born, in 2006.  And it will continue to serve sincerely, creatively and naturally. 

So I look forward to our meetintg.  Then I also would like to speak to You about some necessary books  ☺) if You remind me.  .

Hoping to meet You soon  and to continue our conversation ( sipping at the same time on a glass of wonderfully brewed tea or a cup of aromatic turkish coffee)

 remain with love and best wishes,

Aysun Ilter

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